That was easy…

Step 1 is complete, now help us recommend qualified, licensed, and insured vendors

who serve seniors and their families according to our strict ethical code.


Step 1: Apply & Subscribe

By submitting your key documents for review annually, you open the door to scores of families looking for help in your service area.  Annual Application Fee of $100 is credited towards $250 Annual Verified Professional Membership.

Step 2: Learn

Our overview of the SeniorMoves® method will help you determine how and when your services fit with the client's needs. It differentiate you from a "vendor" to a "professional".

Step 3: Onboarding

Once verified, you will receive a welcome packet with "VERIFIED" certificates, online badges and instructions for how to communicate best with our Members.

Our "Verified" Professional Affiliates have discounted access to our premium marketplace tools and resources. 


Step 4: We Share

In addition to a online presence, our 1:1 Advisors get to know your products, services and onboarding requirements and look for the right time to personally introduce you to our members. These connections along with the SeniorMoves® method put you in a position to succeed.