About Us

Delivering assistance to families with compassion and dignity

Our Vision

Safeguarding the diginity of our Clients and their families

Forward Thinking

Reducing the number of seniors who move backwards to rely on government programs for basic needs

Problem Solvers

Connecting families and older adults to services and providers at the best prices available.

Positive Change

Reducing barriers by using a collaborative approach with existing services when possible

President & Founder

President & Founder

Executive VP, Technology

Executive VP, Technology

So There we were…

After finding his own grandmother in a compromised home situation in 2015, SeniorMoves Founder and Senior Move Manager Tony Siebers was determined to develop a better marketplace for families advocating on a loved ones behalf and the businesses that wanted so desperately to provide a great customer experience in such a highly emotional project.  

By 2016 SeniorMoves had been founded to provide senior moves management services to the aged who were struggling to manage their own moves later in life.  The atrocity of CoVid and subsequent government lockdown unveiled a shared passion with a group of friends who had all gone through the same stressful transition with their own family members and found passion in developing a way to help others in an online format.


SeniorMoves® provides trained Senior Advisors who specialize in assisting Clients and/or their Advocates family or professional) with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation.  While each estate closure or senior relocation project is different, we have developed a flow to the process that consistantly saves time, money and safeguards dignity. Our Advisors share a profound commitment to connecting families with safe and reliable Professionals who perform the right services at the right time keeping the bigger picture in sight.