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Senior Move Management

A secure and confident move means less stress and better outcomes

Sometimes it’s hard to part with beloved items, and family members can’t always keep them for you. With Senior Moves, you can have a trusted estate sale team sell any furniture, collectibles or sets that you don’t plan to keep.

Some time before your move you’ll want to gather keepsakes and family heirlooms together in a single location. Your history is important, and preserving the items that show where you’ve been and what you’ve done will likely be important to your heirs. Senior Moves can help you find the best way to manage this vital material.

Doriene’s Big Move

When Doriene started planning her move, she needed to decide what to keep, what to give away to family members, and what to sell at an estate sale. So many decisions had to be made. Using the Senior Moves system, each family member could see family keepsakes, furniture and mementos, and choose whether to have them shipped to their location.


Hope Gives Direction

With several key players throughout a senior relocation project, it’s vital to ensure everyone protects the seniors’ best interest. Adhering to a code of ethics holds the mix of service providers accountable, keeping the family in control, and their hope...

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Decision Made – Now What?

You’ve had the talk with your loved ones and they are on board with moving into a senior community. That’s great! But now what? Where to start? There are literally hundreds of communities around the Valley that offer different services and rates. It can be very...

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