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Making the Decision

Making the decision about when to move mom or dad into an alternative living community isn’t easy. In many cases mom or dad have been in the same home for several years. It’s where they’re comfortable and feel the connection with their past. They raised their children...

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Things I didn’t know about a Will

Last week I discussed Estate Planning with my wife Billie Tarascio (who is also an Arizona Family Law Attorney). She spent a considerable amount of time understanding the related topics over the last six years professionally and had lots to share. Here are some of the...

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Downsizing Tips

Downsizing can be such a chore. There are so many decisions to make. Where to start? If you're doing it on your own, here are our top five tips to make the journey easier.

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Decision Made – Now What?

You’ve had the talk with your loved ones and they are on board with moving into a senior community. That’s great! But now what? Where to start? There are literally hundreds of communities around the Valley that offer different services and rates. It can be very...

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