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How To Move A Senior

It’s not just about the move.

Dividing Property
Welcome to the SeniorMoves.org family. Senior Moves can help you answer questions and strategize your move with expert advice on:
  • How to help a senior family member when their adult children live out of state
  • What steps to take when “Downsizing”
  • How to help a geographically seperated family handle a parents estate after they pass
  • How to split up estate items things in a “fair” manner


When Mom and Dad live far away, it can be impossible for busy adults with their own families to deal with issue related to safe living surroundings, moving, estate disbursement and organization. A Senior Moves Manager is there to help.


Getting organized is one of the first steps in planning a residential change. If you’re downsizing, you’ll need to know what to keep, what to store, and what to give away. We have a system to take care of all of that for you so everyone in the family can have input in a fair and equitable manner.


There’s no reason to move things you won’t want or use. By organizing the right way, we create easier, less expensive moves and we take care of all the logistics of the actual moving day, unpacking, setup, and even post-move cleanup.


Downsizing is more than throwing away unnecessary junk that’s accumulated. It’s also about planning how the new living space will actually work, including safety factors as we age.

Downsizing Tips

Downsizing can be such a chore. There are so many decisions to make. Where to start? If you're doing it on your own, here are our top five tips to make the journey easier.

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