In the second podcast, we discuss one of the top challenges most families face when relocating Mom and Dad – sibling dynamics.

Having to move your aging parents from your family home can be a distressing and trying transition, but now add in dealing with downsizing and dividing family assets, and you’re suddenly driving head-on into an emotional whirlwind.

In this episode, you’ll learn some main contributing factors to sibling conflicts – including some negative traits you may be guilty of – along with ways to uproot the deeper issues and limit feelings of anger or resentment. We also express the value of a third-party expert, like a Senior Move Manager, to step in and take control over difficult and delicate situations.

You can learn more about our movement to help seniors and their families design a living environment for the winter of their lives at, or click here to contact us directly.  Stay tuned to our monthly podcast to learn more solutions to age old problems.

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